SEO Specialist Sydney

Is your website ranking bothering you? Looking for a Sydney based SEO Specialist?

WP Guru, your Sydney based SEO Specialist is here to help you rank higher in SEO. WP Guru have helped several Sydney based businesses to boost theri SEO rankings generating revenue and website traffic.

Sydney’s most trusted SEO Specialist and Expert with WordPress expertise

WP Guru over the years has built a reputation for being the most trusted SEO Specialist and WordPress Developer. My approach to robust SEO has always been designing and developing solid websites around the foundation of SEO.

Freelance SEO Expert and SEO Specialist - What makes WP Guru unique?

I am a WordPress Developer turned SEO Specialist. So what makes me unique? I lay a strong foundation for SEO by designing and developing highly optimized websites on WordPress. For niche based and low competition websites, this alone helps in ranking.

I amFreelance SEO Expert and Specialist - I work on my own

I amFreelance SEO Expert and Specialist - I work on my own

I am a WordPress Developer turned SEO Specialist and Expert.

My unique skills in website optimization and drive to get the best results, helped me turn into SEO. And that’s one of the reasons, I can work alone and optimize websites for good SEO results.

Good code base with good website architecture with planned content strategy is core of SEO rankings and this is what I am really good at.

Data driven WordPress web design for SEO

Data driven WordPress web design for SEO

Do you know well researched data driven WordPress web design is key to your website’s SEO success?

This is where WP Guru stands out. I don’t use any bloated pre-made themes. My SEO starts with extensive keyword research, competitor analysis and content strategy reflected in the design. That doesn’t mean I compromise on my design. I am fully aware of the implications of UI/UX with bounce rate, time spent on websites etc which is part of SEO ranking. I take care of everything and make sure that your website connects with your target audience.

Custom WordPress theme boasting THE BEST Technical SEO

Custom WordPress theme boasting THE BEST Technical SEO

Data driven WordPress web design backed by custom coded WordPress themes is paramount of Technical SEO.

So how does custom theme boost technical SEO? Here are some of the standout features:

  1. Superior website loading speed
  2. Awesome PageSPeed insights
  3. Fast crawlability from Search Engines
  4. Security
  5. Content hierarchy
  6. Sitemaps, Customized Structured data, schema markup, breadcrumb navigation
Website Architecture loved by Search Engines

Website Architecture loved by Search Engines

Do you know website architecture when done right helps to rank your website’s landing pages?

Whether it’s landing pages or any other pages in a website, a good website architecture helps your website rank high in SEO. In simple terms, website architecture is a way of telling what are the main pages or content of your website which is backed up by child pages or sub pages.

Building a good website takes years of experience, and this can be way rewarding and helps you beat your competitors in the SEO game.

    SEO Specialist FAQs

    Here are some of the most asked questions about SEO.

    1. What does an SEO Specialist do?

      An SEO specialist will help you optimize websites to improve search engine rankings and generate organic traffic. SEO Specialists perform various duties to rank your website higher including On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, keyword research, Content creation and optimization, local SEO etc.

    2. Why should we hire WP Guru as our SEO Specialists?

      I am a WordPress Developer and web designer too. And I break the barrier between all as SEO Specialists. What makes me stand out is my Technical and On-Page SEO skills. I have ranked several websites with low competition and niche based market barely without any budget or content, just with my On-Page and Technical SEO. This is where I stand out against my competitor. Also, the cost of your budget around website design, development and SEO is significantly low compared to other agencies and freelancers.

    3. Are SEO Specialists worth it?

      SEO Specialists are worth it when ranking your website organically in SEO is a long term focus. Ranking organically can take time based on how competitive your keywords targets are. In my personal experiences, I have ranked websites in less competitive niches within a few months and sometimes for highly competitive keywords, it will take years to see the results, based on your budget.

    4. Tell me the best result you delivered as SEO Specialists?

      One of my recent clients, whose website I designed and built, ranked quite faster than I expected. Considering the site was not even 1 day old when launched, the website did really well to rank in page #2 within a month. My expectations were around 6 months to get there. I tend to get good results when I design and develop websites on my own.

    5. How much does it cost to hire an SEO Specialist?

      As with every other expertises, SEO specialist cost depends upon their location, experience and services they provide. For an SEO specialist locally based in Sydney, expect an hourly rate of 80 to 90 dollars per hour on an average. Agencies or freelancers outsourcing their work might be a little bit cheaper.