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Looking for a Shopify Developer? Boost your sales and optimize your eCommerce with WP Guru

Online eCommerce can be challenging but with the right partner and strategy, your dreams can come true. Let WP Guru guide you with your eCommerce journey and build you a highly optimized and profitable online store for your dream business.

Expert Shopify Developer - Developing high converting eCommerce solutions

With WP Guru, you are working with seasoned eCommerce experts with a proven record of success. I have helped companies from small to corporate multiply their sales through an ecommerce platform with highest customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Additional Services

Website Design+Development Package

$2,500/including GST

Custom branded website inclduding design, development, and top notch SEO.

Featured packed inlcuding custom WordPress theme, easy to manage Content Management System, content idea for 5 landing pages, 3-Month site warranty and more.

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Local SEO Package

$1,000/per month including GST

Helping you find online, and get more leads.

With our GUARANTEED Local SEO Package, we get you rank around the areas you service. Our long term SEO strategy will help you rank within 6 months, else we will work you for free until your site ranks locally.

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Why Choose WP Guru as your Shopify Developer for your ecommerce website

If you are looking for agency level quality (by agency I mean good agencies) at a reasonable price, I am your go to Shopify developer. I have managed teams, developed strategies, and maintained eCOmmerce websites for some of the well known brands in Sydney. And I have full stack capacity of designer, developer and SEO, and am working from my own home office so you wont be paying heavy like you pay for an agency.

Shopify Website Design

Shopify Website Design

Good data driven website design is the pinnacle of success for any website. So this does imply Shopify website design too.

My Shopify website design is based on data and my expert knowledge of the overall Shopify framework too. Not only is my shopify website design focused around good Ui/UX, it is targeted around optimization too. I focus around making website design lightweight and less heavy so that they can load faster and score good web vital points too.

Shopify website design helps you build your brand awareness too. Good well thought website design converts better and sheds lasting impressions in visitors memory so that they can come back to your website again. It definitely helps to retain clients rather than lose it to your competitors.

SEO focused Shopify Developer

SEO focused Shopify Developer

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), has been the core focus of my development strategy, and this is where I outshine others. I have delivered awesome results with some big names and my experience of working with previous clients come in handy to optimize your site for SEO and generate more revenue.

You might be asking how a developer can cover the SEO side of the business. With proper plan and strategy around On-Page and Technical SEO, your shopify website will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. A lot of shopify websites lack these as most of the developers and agencies sell them as separate packages. In my case, these are part of my design and development strategies.

In case you are looking for on-going eCommerce SEO such as content writing, link building etc, I provide these services collaborating with an agency.

Shopify Developer with Digital Marketing expertise

Shopify Developer with Digital Marketing expertise

I had previously worked various corporates in various sectors such as retails, banking and home loans doing Email marketing and automation, content strategies, and paid marketing. And, I can proudly say that I have delivered solid results around each of those departments.

One of the forefront of digital marketing is so many companies fail to establish correlation between website design, development, email marketing, and paid marketing. This is where me as your developer bring extra vision to your business. This is what drives me as a freelancer too.

Sydney based Shopify Developer - nothing outsourced

Sydney based Shopify Developer - nothing outsourced

I am Sydney based, and I do everything on my own. I only collaborate with extensive SEO and link building, which is also with a Sydney based agency.

Local experience reflects on your business brand and ROI – sooner or later. With extensive knowledge of the Australian market, I can bring you ideas how local clients and businesses think and what they are looking for when buying. This can help you with sales as well as future client retention. And likewise, outsourced websites often tend to misinterpret the local Australian market and overall quality of the website too, let alone on SEO or digital marketing side.

Working closely together, the result has been the development of a well optimised website that is perfect for our needs. I recommend WP Guru as a very capable, innovative and reliable website developer.

Paul Frecker

    Shopify Developer FAQs

    Here are some of the most asked questions about Shopify. It includes various topics such as pricing, hosting, SEO etc.

    1. What is a Shopify Developer and what do they do?

      Shopify Developer is a developer specializing in Shopify, and is proficient in Liquid programming, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript at minimum. Shopify Developers with solid experience can build eCommerce solutions from scratch to finish without being reliant on the pre packaged themes. Custom built Shopify websites are faster, UI/UX driven which helps in SEO rankings and conversion.

    2. What is the difference between a Shopify Developer and Designer?

      Shopify Developer can build a custom tailor made Shopify store from scratch based on your requirements and designs. Custom made solutions have better UI/UX, lightweight for fast loading, SEO centric and can manage high traffic. Likewise, Shopify Designer can help you with website design and some of the designers can help you with getting site launches using pre-built themes.

    3. Do you work as a Shopify Designer?

      Depending upon your budget, I can build Shopify themes from scratch or find a good theme to build your eCommerce store. One thing I have found is that very few designers or developers do any research or testing before picking up a theme. With me I will help you find a theme that has decent loading speed and is well optimized for SEO needs.

    4. How good is Shopify’s SEO by default?

      As an honest option as a WordPress expert, I would say SHopify’s inbuilt SEO is nowhere close to WordPress as a CMS. But with expert eCommerce SEO like myself, Shopify can be a solid foundation for well optimized eCommerce stores. Shopify has a solid base for SEO with its clean coding, good website structure and fast loading hosting. Lots of Shopify stores do great in SEO.

    5. How do you justify Shopify pricing?

      I would say it is very reasonable. Considering with shopify you aren’t paying for hosting, cdn storage, maintenance etc, the pricing is very very reasonable. Unlike with other platforms, for example WooCommerce, there are a lot of expenses such as hosting, on-going maintenance and updates. Shopify also includes various payment gateways too. So, overall the pricing tiers seem very good.

    6. How to choose the right Shopify plan?

      Choosing the right SHopify plans depends upon your budget, volume of sales that you are making or expecting to make, credit card charges you are willing to pay etc. But the good thing with SHopify is you are able to upgrade and downgrade your plans as needed.

    7. WooCommerce or Shopify?

      I am an avid WordPress developer and have made a career out of WordPress. If it's a CMS only website, I will always choose WordPress. But if it's an eCommerce store with potential of growth and needs to handle traffic in future, SHopify is no-brainer. SHopify can start with small websites, scaling all way to enterprise solutions. Payment within their own cloud hosted gateway does give you extra peace of mind.

    8. What payment gateways are supported in Shopify?

      Shopify’s default payment gateway is supported by Stripe. You have the option to pay by Paypal too. And if you want to integrate platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay etc there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of these options might be dependent on your Geographic location.