SEO Services Perth

Tired of false SEO promises, and looking for a savior?

Tired of your existing SEO Services? Lots of false promises without result. WP Guru, your SEO Services provider will help you rank higher in SEO. I implement ethical SEO techniques, and focus on the best practices to get you the SEO result your business deserves.

If you are looking for SEO Services in Perth, please don’t hesitate to write to us, and I will get back to you within 2 days.

Best SEO Services in Perth - Why Choose WP Guru for your SEO?

As WordPress Developer turned SEO, I bring years of experience focusing around core of SEO Services including data driven website design, content strategy, Technical and On-Page SEO. That’s why my SEO Services are set right from base to the top, with strong foundations.

Affordable SEO Services - WP Guru is reasonably priced

WP Guru takes pride in being affordable without compromising on quality and ethical SEO. So how do we get everything done at a reasonable price? Web design and WordPress Development is part of Affordable SEO Services, which we are expert at doing. And we get reasonable results with less spent too.

WordPress Development packed by SEO features

WordPress Development packed by SEO features

No one builds CMS and front end like WP Guru.

Our CMS is easy to use so that you can manage content on the go. You have the ability to add as many landing pages as you want and as many blog posts as you need.

To top up our development, our websites and front are packed with On-Page SEO and Technical SEO features.

Keyword Research aligned with Content

Keyword Research aligned with Content

Robust website front end backed by solid keyword research and strategically created Content is bound to succeed on SEO sooner or later.

With WP Guru’s unique selling proposition, we have helped several businesses around Australia to rank their website higher in SEO. We have been doing this consistently for more than 5 years now.

Reasonably priced SEO Services Packages

Reasonably priced SEO Services Packages

Our SEO Services philosophy has been long term partnership.

This had worked well for us as well as the clients. That’s why our customer retention had been pretty high.

And with SEO Services too, we take care of our long term clients. We make sure our strategies are synced with new updates, and we make changes and content aligned with them.

Robin’s knowledge of search engine optimisation has been confidence inspiring and he has been really easy to work with on this project.

Paul Frecker

Our SEO Services Process – How do we do it?

With my background in WordPress development, where I specialize in optimizing websites for better conversions, I also bring years of experience in SEO. I understand the holistic process required to elevate your website to the top of search results.

Initial Brief

I listen attentively to your briefs. Understanding that precision during the briefing is essential, I aim to tailor your SEO strategy precisely to your goals. Together, we will establish realistic targets and set clear expectations.

Keyword Research

With extensive research, I navigate through a wealth of keywords ready for targeting. Whether your website boasts high authority or is newly launched, I’ll craft a strategic set of keywords to boost your ranking.

Content Strategy

Effective keyword research coupled with a robust content strategy forms the cornerstone of achieving higher search engine rankings. This is where WP Guru excels. I specialize in crafting content strategies and optimizing websites for better ranking, authority and visibility.

WordPress CMS Development

CMS, Content Management System is crucial for SEO Services. We cover various aspects of SEO such as Technical SEO and On-Page SEO within CMS development. Regular updating of landing pages and Blogs work like a breeze.

Optimize and Maintain

SEO is not only about getting to the top, but staying there and maintaining. WP Guru will take care of your rankings and maintain it by maintaining and optimizing your website on a regular basis.

I engaged Robin to do a relaunch of my Business Advisory, Business CFO, practice. I found Robin was very interested in my business, and had prepared well for our first meeting. I was also impressed with his knowledge about SEO – this really helps with webpage development.

Greg Buckley
GB Business Advisor

    SEO Services Perth FAQs

    Here are some of the most asked questions about SEO Services.

    1. What are SEO Services?

      SEO or Search Engine Optimization services refer to a range of techniques, strategies used to optimize websites (landing page, blog posts, categories) to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). SEO Services' primary focus is to increase organic traffic by improving site content and relevancy and matching user’s intent and also aiming to maintain that ranking long term.

    2. How much do SEO Services typically cost?

      The cost of SEO services vary on several factors such as the scope of work, how competitive keywords are, what strategies are implemented, and how much content is created on a monthly basis. Premier agencies charge around 150 or above AUD an hour. But for small businesses, freelancers like WP Guru can provide you great value for money and results. For freelancers like me, every project and results matter and it’s my own, and I don’t prioritize based on the client's reputation. I treat every project with equal consideration and same respect.

    3. Is it worth paying for SEO Services?

      Paying for the right SEO Services can be highly rewarding. Though if you choose wrong, it can be a nightmare. Good SEO Services providers like WP Guru can help you improve organic rankings and traffic. ANd also with my experiences around development, design and Conversion rate optimization, you will convert traffic to revenue too.

    4. Are SEO Services still relevant in 2024?

      Yes, SEO services are still very relevant in 2024. SEO Services continue to be a critical component of digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. It is getting challenging but done right, it can be very beneficial too.