Helping GB Business Advisor launch digital presence.

Greg approached me for launching his business website in WordPress. I helped GB Business Advisor with thorough industry research to launch SEO Optimized WordPress website.

Website Design

Greg is an experienced Business Advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience, with a solid proven expertise in building business.

He wanted to me build WordPress solution targeted for growth specially around organic SEO.

Other things in initial brief included:

  1. Fast loading website
  2. Options to create SEO/SEM Optimized landing pages on go
  3. Easy to manage CMS
  4. Lead generation

WordPress Development

GB Business Advisor is powered by custom WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO and future growth.

It is also powered by robust Content Management System that allows users to create content on the flow. Various content that can be created on the go includes:

  1. Optimized landing pages
  2. Blog posts
  3. Forms

SEO Optimization

Though it’s really early to see the results of SEO, the site is already showing signs of positivity.

Technical SEO

Several aspect of Technical SEO I am proud of include:

  1. Fast crawl from Google – 10+ pages were crawled and indexed by Google within 24 hours of site going live.
  2. Almost perfect Page Insights score
  3. Faster loading time specially from AU