Helping Seventies Motorbike Carbs grow online

Derek from Seventies Motorbike Carbs, approached me with redesigning and redeveloping the existing site built in WordPress. He wanted something minimalistic, easy to update, and if possible SEO Optimized WordPress website.

Website Design

Derek, having used WordPress for a few years, was comfortable with WordPress. His main goal of the end product was maintainability so that he can add, edit or delete the products as needed.

I had clear goals set up in my mind when I started the design process. I went for a mix of minimalistic approaches so that Content Management was easy and websites loaded faster too. Since the website depends heavily on images gallery and carousel, I made sure this was easy to update, without being reliant on me.

Custom WordPress Development

Website is powered by a custom WordPress theme. Fast, robust, easy to manage.

The CMS is as expected by the client and post launch has been handed over to the client. Website content management is handled by client without being reliant on me.

Various features of CMS include:

  • Easy to manage landing pages
  • Easy to manage product pages
  • Easy to manage image galleries and carousel
  • Easy to manage forms

SEO Performance Post Launch

Website have done really well since launch in terms of SEO relative to its age.

Google rankings

Website had been ranking in page #1 for various keywords and including one very high competitive keyword in page #1. And it is doing well in images search too.

Technical SEO

Site was optimized for SEO. This does include various aspect of technical SEO including:

  1. Website loading speed
  2. Web vital scores
  3. Page crawl speed