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Looking to rank higher in SEO and generate leads for your business?

Tired of your existing SEO Services? Lots of false promises without result. WP Guru, your local Sydney based SEO Services provider and SEO Export, will help you rank higher in SEO. I implement ethical SEO techniques, and focus on the best practices to get you the SEO result your business deserves.

If you are looking for SEO Services in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will get back to you within 2 days.

Professional SEO Services from Sydney's most Trusted SEO Expert that will help you dominate rankings

At WP Guru, we don’t promise false dreams for sales. We work hard and ethically to get your website the ranking boost. We don’t take any shortcuts, we do within Google’s standard and recommendations.

SEO Expert Sydney | Premium SEO Services by WP Guru

Seeing happy clients motivates me to work hard and up my services. There is no other great thing than seeing the website doing really well in SEO and generating revenues for my clients. How we deliver such high results, we implement the following.

SEO website design services

SEO website design services

Website design can be a critical part of any SEO. I personally consider this as the base of overall SEO strategy.

In very simple terms, a well thought website design lays foundation for both Technical and On-Page SEO. Data driven well researched website design are easy to code, fast to load, with great content hierarchy.

Almost all the websites I have ranked for my clients, started with good website design and well thought content architecture with awesome UI/UX. And I think this is one of my key strengths.

SEO website development services

SEO website development services

When a website is designed based on data and analytics, it’s bound to succeed.

With my web design skills, and optimization techniques that I learn with years of experience mastering it, your website will be boasting on Technical SEO. My current average of PageSpeed Insights and Loading speed tests is really really good. Can I say awesome?

Content Strategies

Content Strategies

When you have a good content strategy, it’s only a matter of time your website will start to do good in SEO.

And this backed with my extensive research techniques, I can provide you with a plan for content strategy such as what topic to write on, what keywords to focus on and when to schedule for best visibility etc. And if you need help with content writing, I can provide this service for you.

Sounds almost too good to be true right?

Local SEO strategies

Local SEO strategies

If local SEO isn’t part of your overall SEO strategy, you are losing out big. I have seen so many clients generate a big portion of their revenue via Local SEO.

Good news is I got your website for Local SEO too. From listing and verifying your business in Google Business, to planning your content strategy or encouraging your customers to write you great 5 star reviews, I will cover all aspects of Local SEO for your business.

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services

I take pride in saying that my services and fees are reasonable for what I belong to the table.

This is partly because of my experience and setup. I work for my small office from home, and can cut costs for major expenses.

And, with my experiences of starting as Front End Developer with focus around optimization and Conversion rate optimization, your Technical and On-Page SEO to start with a new website comes almost free of cost. And, nothing satisfies more than seeing my client’s website do well in SEO. Win win for all of us.

SEO Services Process – How WP Guru gets it done?

Having worked in the WordPress Development industry optimizing websites for conversion, I bring years of experience as SEO too with the holistic process of getting your website to the top of search results.

Initial Brief

I listen to you and hear your feedback. Expect me to ask questions. Because I know, I have to get everything right during the briefing process to shape your SEO strategy to the point where you want to. We will set realistic targets and expectations.

Keyword Research

There is a landmine of keywords you can target when you do extensive research like WP Guru. Whether your website is a high authority website or just getting launched, I will generate a set of keywords for feasible results and get your website ranking sooner. Whether you have a set of keywords on your mind, or want to explore and discover new sets of keywords based on various complexity, rest assured that will be done and dusted.

Content Strategy

Good keyword research backed by solid content strategy is the core recipe of higher ranking in search engines. And this is where WP Guru shines. I do content strategy and website better than anyone in the game.

WordPress CMS Development

CMS, Content Management System is a critical part of any SEO Services. This is where my years of experience working as WordPress Developer will help your SEO succeed. We cover various aspects of SEO such as Technical SEO and On-Page SEO within CMS development. And we also make sure that regular updating of landing pages and Blogs work like a breeze.

Optimize and Maintain

SEO is not only about getting to the top, but also maintaining the ranking achieved. I will take care of your rankings and maintain it by being updated to the latest SEO changes, maintaining and optimizing your website on a regular basis.

Robin’s knowledge of search engine optimisation has been confidence inspiring and he has been really easy to work with on this project.

Paul Frecker

I engaged Robin to do a relaunch of my Business Advisory, Business CFO, practice. I found Robin was very interested in my business, and had prepared well for our first meeting. I was also impressed with his knowledge about SEO – this really helps with webpage development.

GB Business Advisor

    SEO Services Sydney FAQs

    I do get a lot of questions asked about my SEO Services. Hereby, I will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding SEO services.

    1. What are SEO Services?

      SEO Services are services provided by SEO to optimize the overall visibility of the website so that they can rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). SEO Services include keyword research, on-page optimization, technical seo, link building, content strategies. When done right and within Google's recommendations, good SEO Services will help you rank higher and maintain ranking in SEO.

    2. How much does SEO Services cost in Sydney?

      SEO services cost depend upon a lot of factors mainly the competition for the keyword you are fighting for. Other factors include the experience of SEO, link building strategies, content strategies etc. Normally SEO charges monthly fees. Less competitive keywords might be easy to rank and on low cost, but that also needs ongoing support to maintain the rankings. Another factor for SEO ranking is website age too. Newly launched websites take some time to rank and build authority.

    3. How do I measure my SEO Services result?

      You can measure the success of your Services using various metrics like organic traffic, conversion rates, bounce rate, click through rate etc. these metrics can be seen using tools like Google Analytics. I installed Google Analytics as part of the web development and SEO process. This will be part of a monthly report under my SEO Services.

    4. Why should we choose WP Guru for Sydney SEO Services?

      With me, I bring a unique set of attributes. I can design websites, optimize the website for both loading speed and PageSpeed Insights. This along with my research around keywords and content strategy, I bring a lot of skill on table at very reasonable cost. If high end agencies are out of your budget and you need an all round developer and SEO to work with, choosing me is a no-brainer. And my results and client’s testimonials back them up.

    5. How long does it take to see results of SEO Services in Sydney?

      SEO is a long term game. It takes time but once it starts to deliver results, your return on investment is significantly high. Like with cost, the results depend upon several factors such as age of your website, competitions for keywords, content strategies etc.

    6. Is SEO Services one time or I have to keep investing?

      SEO unfortunately will be on-going expenses. Even though after you achieve the desired rankings for your site, you have to keep the rankings or even build momentum. Otherwise, someone else who will put in more effort will outrank you.