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As WordPress Developer, I take hosting quiet seriously. If you find a good web hosting, more than 90% of website security is done. A good WordPress web host brings a lot of things to the table, with security being the most important thing. With my strategy, it’s always been to find the best service and […]

As WordPress Developer, I take hosting quiet seriously. If you find a good web hosting, more than 90% of website security is done. A good WordPress web host brings a lot of things to the table, with security being the most important thing.

With my strategy, it’s always been to find the best service and stick with it. But do keep an eye on what's going around too. Over 5 years, VentraIP had been a gem to work with, and had surprised me with the standard of web hosting and customer service they had delivered.

What is Shared WordPress web hosting?

Shared WordPress web hosting is the hosting platform where you share a server with one or more websites, it’s resources such as storage, bandwidth, memory allocation.

Think of shared WordPress web hosting as living in an apartment complex, where you share the address, facilities like gym, swimming pool etc.

A good shared WordPress web host gives you a platform to run your WordPress website effectively and efficiently and most importantly within the budget.

When to use Shared WordPress hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting can be a real good and cost effective solution for your business. It can be a solid platform to kick start your online business. Don't get me wrong here, a well built WordPress website generating a decent amount of web traffic can run in a shared WordPress web hosting platform without any issue.

Below are some of the main reasons why you can choose shared WordPress hosting.

Budget Friendly

If you aren't willing to spend a lot on web hosting or not in a position to spend significantly, shared WordPress hosting can be a good option for you.

Security and monitoring

If you choose a good WordPress host, you are choosing the web host that takes care of your security. A good WordPress web host implements a lot of effort behind the scenes to maintain high level of security best practices.

Don't want hassle of maintaining softwares/technologies

There are a lot of things involved in running a web host. Something that you have to consider is maintaining PHP and MySQL to the latest version for better speed and security. These types of things can be a hassle to maintain. With shared WordPress web hosting, you are leaving it to the hands of skilled techs.

Hassle free email hosting

Shared WordPress web hosting comes up with free email hostings too. So this might be another good reason to use shared wordpress web hosting.

So why is VentraIP my suggested WordPress web host?

I have been working with VetnraIP for almost over 5 years at the point of writing. And the partnership with VentraIP has been really great. I can sleep in peace, as I can trust VentraIP to maintain the highest quality in web hosting.

WordPress security

As a WordPress Developer, security is quite a critical issue. The hard job done by any developer writing secured and standard codes implementing all best practices goes in vain if the website is being hosted in dodgy web hosting.

This is where I trust VentraIP. Having worked with them for several years, I haven't had any issues, and the ride has been pretty smooth until now.

Secured Web Hosting environment

One of the most important measure in hosting about files and folders are ruleset - VentraIP implements dynamic mod_security rulesets, align with CageFS, Immunity 360, CSF/LFD
Mitigation DDos attacks.


Ventra uses Fortinet Hardware firewall, that scans and monitors all traffic before reaching the website and thus protecting your website.

DDos mitigations

Ventra uses SmartWall platform that provides real time protection against DDos ( Denial of server) attacks using machine learning.

Free SSL

As part of shared hosting, Ventra will install Comodo SSL for you with no charge.

Latest PHP and MySQL

VentraIP lets you upgrade to the latest version of PHP and MySQL. Please test it before upgrading.

Server Configuration

Server configuration could have been added in the security section above, but I thought it would be nice to focus on the configuration that weren’t much technical and something that was bought straight to the website owner.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Ventra guarantees 99.9% uptime. This is very important as your website is online 24/7. I haven’t had any issues with the website hosted and have never seen any of my sites down. So I do agree on this uptime guarantee.

Optimised for WordPress

Along with security features discussed above, Ventra servers are optimised for WordPress.

WordPress website optimisation includes:

  1. Strict permission to folder and files
  2. Integration of LiteSpeed WordPress plugin that increases speed by 400% when enabled
  3. Latest version of PHP and MYSQL for better security and higher speed
  4. HTTPS support as discussed above

Faster CPU Power

Ventra uses HPE server features - the latest Intel Gold CPU’s with upto 40% boost in speed, that will result in your website loading much faster.

Hosted in Australia

Another reason, I love and recommend Ventra is that their servers are located in Sydney, Australia. This brings a lot of benefits such as faster loading speed, SEO advantage.

Upgrades and Downgrades

As a website owner you might come into a situation where either you want to upgrade or downgrade your service, Ventra makes it easy for this.


Upgrade is automatic and requires no action.


Downgrade is manual and requires action from both tech and billing departments.

In both cases you won’t lose any of your server/DNS settings.


One of the reasons that I recommend VentraIP is its simple pricing model. There are 3 levels of tiers that you can choose from based on your budget and requirements.

Three tier of web hosting services

The 3 tiers of web hosting includes Starter, Freedom and Premier. All these platforms are good enough to run decent websites. Major differences in these tiers are storage, cpu allowance and memory allowances.

Cancellation and money back guarantee

For peace of mind, VentraIP does allow money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Trying VentraIP is no brainer for sure.

Solid Customer service

One of the reasons why VentraIP is so popular is its customer service. No matter which tier you are, I can guarantee the best customer service. This includes billing, technical support.

Before you buy

All my recommendations above are based on consideration that you have at least chosen a good developer to build your site or at least chose a decent premium theme or page builder to build your website.

Don’t expect wonders if you have a resource heavy website with loads of plugins. Though I have done some tests during initial migration for some of my clients in Premier hosting, and it has beaten the old hosting by miles. My point here is that VentraIP will be a really good option, but for a website done wrong, please dont expect wonders.

All the details hereinabove are as of point of writing. I will update this post if needed.


Having worked with VentraIP for several years, I have no hesitation in recommending their services. The platform is great, customer service is awesome, and there is no hesitation cancellation and money back guarantee.

If you are launching your next WordPress website, give it a go to VentraIP.

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