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Custom tailored made WordPress solutions for SEO and ROI.

WP Guru, Sydney based WordPress Development pioneer, is here to convert your dreams to full functional, highly optimized website solutions for your business. With more than 7 years of experience having helped dozens of local businesses, WP Guru is one of the best in WordPress business.

WordPress Development

Sydney’s Trusted WordPress Development Solution

WP Guru is here to help you with anything WordPress related. I build robust solutions on WordPress helping businesses grow digital presence, convert visitors to customers, generate leads and revenues. I also provide various digital solutions such as SEO, Email Marketing and Paid Ads.

Why choose WP Guru for your next WordPress Development project?

WP Guru goes above and beyond then just building websites on cookie-cutter templated themes. We pride in delivering solutions that are built within WordPress core, with highest uptime and bound to do well in SEO.

Highly optimized themes and plugins

Highly optimized themes and plugins

One of the advantages that you get from custom solutions is well optimized solutions. Whether it’s WordPress theme or WordPress plugins, developing from scratch within WordPress gives you an optimal solution, without any bloats.

Hence, the website is really fast and custom integration via plugin too. This creates an awesome memorable user experience, and in turn helps you convert traffic to revenue. It also improves your brand reputation. On top of that building within WordPress core improves website performance and security.

SEO Optimized WordPress website

SEO Optimized WordPress website

Who doesn’t want their website to do well in SEO? Everyone loves to have their website do well in SEO.

At WP Guru, we build websites catered for Technical and On-Page SEO. When we talk about Technical SEO, our websites are fast, responsive, great User Experience and User Interface. This helps websites rank higher as well as be crawled faster by search engines like Google.

And we talk about On-Page SEO, our research based approach around keywords and content as part of our website design process covers significant aspects of On-Page SEO including website architecture.

When SEO optimization is done during the research and development phase, it covers more than 50% of overall SEO strategy.

On-going Maintenance

On-going Maintenance

No WordPress development completes without proper maintenance strategy.

At WP Guru we make sure we cover all aspects of website maintenance so that you can have good sleep. WP Guru will make sure that your website is running smoothly, with all security features intact.

We also make sure that there is a solid backup strategy in place so if needed we can roll back to previous versions. But, this is barely a case.

With WP Guru, we are proud to say we take care of all your WordPress Development needs.

WP Guru has been a first rate developer for our complicated website. He quickly developed a good look and feel prototype to make us comfortable with the project directions. Then took on board our full requirements and completed a great website. 5 stars for him.

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    Custom WordPress Development Services FAQs

    Here are some of the queries or questions you might want to know regarding custom WordPress Development.

    1. What is WordPress Development?

      WordPress Development is the process of developing web solutions based on WordPress core, which might include Custom Theme Development or Custom Plugin Development. WP Guru have delivered various solutions within WordPress Development ranging from custom theme to complex plugins as per the client needs.

    2. Why choose you for WordPress Development?

      WP Guru, got more than 5 Years of local experience working for agencies and corporates. I take pride in the quality of my work. I build from custom without using any premium themes and websites I built are fast, secured and optimized for SEO for higher ranking.

    3. What are your main priorities for WordPress Development?

      My main target is to get your best ROI. My design approach is based on data-driven design approach and my development is within WordPress core, hence websites I build are secured. Also, I have proven record of optimising websites for better SEO rankings.

    4. Any other things that included?

      I target to deliver the best result. With every WordPress Development, comes with well-trusted premium WordPress plugins for security and caching optimisation, which will normally cost you hundreds. I do renew them yearly, and you don’t need to pay for these plugins. I add them as part of best practices.

    5. What’s your timeframe for WordPress Development projects?

      On average my timeframe for conversion is around 4 weeks. That said – conversion time depends upon the complexity of the projects. As I work on custom theme development, I prefer to have a reasonable deadline. I put quality over quantity when I work on freelance projects.

    6. How much do you charge for a WordPress Development?

      This again depends upon the complexity of the project. But I do work on a ballpark figure for any project. My minimum ballpark for any project at the moment is 2500 AUD.

    7. Do you work or outsource your WordPress Development projects?

      No, I don’t. I don’t outsource any project. I work from scratch without using any premium theme. That’s the main reason my websites are quiet fast, stable, secure and do pretty well in organic SEO.

    8. Do you provide on-going maintenance?

      Yes, I do provide on-going support and maintenance for the projects that I build. This includes backing up website, updating WordPress core and plugins, and making sure the website is running smoothly post updates.

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