Is WordPress Good For Ecommerce?

I have worked as WordPress Developer for more than 5 years using WordPress both as CMS and for eCommerce. WordPress is a platform that has, over the years, transformed from a simple publishing site to the most powerful Content Managing System in the world. Today, about 28% of websites across the world are powered by […]

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I have worked as WordPress Developer for more than 5 years using WordPress both as CMS and for eCommerce.

WordPress is a platform that has, over the years, transformed from a simple publishing site to the most powerful Content Managing System in the world. Today, about 28% of websites across the world are powered by WP, including giants like Cable News Network, Mashable, Bata, British Broadcasting Corporation and TechCrunch. Years ago, people would choose other platforms to manage their ecommerce websites, and avoid WP like the plague. However, this is no longer the case. There has been a significant paradigm shift and today, about 3 out of every 10 websites are powered by WP.

Is WordPress good for ecommerce? The answer is yes. If industry giants like CNN, BBC and EBay use it, then there must be many great things about the platform.

The following are reasons why WP is suitable for electronic commerce.

Open source with a large community

Given that WP is open source, you can utilize and customize its source code to fulfil your needs. With the platform, you have absolute control over your business. Additionally, you have freedom from the wide range of limitations that are usually inflicted by conventional ecommerce companies.

Installation, configuration, use and management is very easy

If you've ever used WP to create a blog, then you definitely know how easy everything concerning the platform can be. You can get started even if you aren't a coding expert. You can create and run your WordPress ecommerce website with just a little training, all within a day.

Variety of plug-ins and themes

The platform works on a foundation of its powerful plug-in architecture and exquisite theme system. The plug-ins can significantly redefine your website’s functionality, whereas the themes can make it look very attractive.

It offers a variety of plug-ins and themes that can give your WordPress ecommerce website an absolute makeover and incorporate the functionalities you need without necessarily hiring a professional website developer.

There are many other reasons that make WP suitable for electronic commerce. You don’t have to pay any on-going fees. It’s an exceptional content-first platform. WordPress allows seamless ecommerce integration. Additionally, it’s not only scalable, but also flexible and secure.

The platform offers unlimited product customization. It also supports various payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Google CheckOut and ChronoPay, among others.

WordPress is, without any doubt, good for ecommerce.

Facts about WordPress

The following are interesting facts about the platform that you probably had no idea about.

  1. WordPress was first released in May 2003. By that time, Twitter and Facebook were still non-existent. That means WP is older than the two social networking sites.
  2. WordPress has cousins like bbPress, GlotPress and BuddyPress. The three are also suitable for ecommerce.
  3. It’s translated into more than 68 languages in entirety. Additionally, WP is partially translated into many other languages.
  4. Approximately 28% of websites across the world are powered by WP.
  5. There have been more non-English WP downloads than English versions.
  6. It dominates nearly 77% of the entire Content Management System market share.
  7. Anyone can download and make use of WordPress ecommerce. This is because it’s released under the GNU-GPL license and is therefore Open Source.
  8. Since its official release, the platform’s plug-in downloads have exceeded 1.5 billion.
  9. Government-owned websites are powered by WP.

WooCommerce for eCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most customisable eCommerce platform for building any sort of business online. WooCommerce at the point of writing points around 28% of all online stores.

As for extensibility, you can choose thousands of extension available – free and premium. There is a good chance that for any of your requirements there is already a good option available.

As the marketplace had grown, so has the options for good hosting. There are several hosts you can choose from based on your needs. You can still find a really good host at very reasonable price, with so many features including security and speed.

Why use WooCommerce for your business?

WooCommerce is an entirely customizable and open-source electronic commerce platform that is used by millions of businesses around the world. It has gained popularity because of various reasons. Some of them are explained below.

Powered by trust

It’s primarily built on the WordPress foundation. Since it’s usually audited by one of the world’s leaders in internet security, you will definitely be in safe hands.

Content at the heart

WordPress WooCommerce smoothly incorporates commerce with content. You can find everything under one roof.

Modular system

It’s kept clean to enable you add any options. Additionally, WooCommerce is designed to seamlessly work alongside WP’s plug-ins.

Offer anything for sale

WordPress WooCommerce allows you to sell anything, ranging from physical items to digital downloads, appointments, subscriptions and web content, among other things.


You can customize anything you want since it’s completely Open Source. Given that it gives you absolute control, you can have the liberty of adding unlimited products, taking unlimited orders and adding unlimited users as well.

Worldwide community

The developers and stores on WordPress WooCommerce come from different parts of the world, ranging from North America to Asia, and from Africa to Europe.

Built on WordPress

WooCommerce is powered by the same principles that also power WordPress. This means that you’ll find yourself in familiar territory.

Other features of WordPress WooCommerce include: open development, wide range of tax options, official extensions that exceed 400, geo location support, familiar tools such as Webhooks and AJAX endpoints, favorable shipping rates and REST API.

Other features include: meticulous documentation, variety of shipping options, countless themes, incorporated payment processing from PayPal and other leading providers, unrestricted customization, import and export items, in-built blogging, unlimited variations and ability to attach products and create landing pages as well.

Feedback mechanism that allow users to give reviews and ratings, platform for affiliate products, ability to customize location, ability to sell digital or physical products, limitless galleries and images and limitless products are other features that you can find on WordPress WooCommerce.

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