Manly Vale FC

Web Design

Manly Vale FC needed a new website with following requirements:

Mobile Friendly

Easy to access

Easy to add and upload contents – blog post and image galleries

My approach was building the website with new portal type layout. So that homepage content is always updated with latest content that included news posts, galleries and advertisements which was a major part of website along with the content.

Web Development

Front End of the website was built using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.

Content Management part of the website was built using WordPress.

CMS had ways of adding various content viz – blog posts, pages and image galleries. They were built in easy way so that the editor from Manly Vale FC can update everything as needed without needing much help from me.

Content Strategy

Content strategy was quiet important part of the website.

There were several pages in the site that needed very less updated and there were some sections where content needed to be added regularly.

I carefully created static pages, blog pages, categories and different custom posts to facilitate the update of the website as needed.