Web Design

The main idea behind the design was simplicity.

My focus on the web design was based on the website user, mobile design and SEO.

The initial brief was quiet important, and it was utmost priority not to miss any details. Being an engineering website, it was important to make sure that the products were well presented as well the good User Experience was maintained too.

Web Development

Website is build using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and WordPress.

I take pride in my coding, and the website is up to industry standard and loads at good speed on all devices viz desktop, mobile and tablets.

Another utmost priority was easy of use from user’s end and maintaining content. Paul have already perfected the CMS and the site was live for only a week at the time of writing.

SEO Optimisation

Organic SEO Optimisation was one of the top priority in the new website design.

The whole website is architecture well targeting various keywords. I have made sure that landing pages are well optimised for On Page SEO and there is good information hierarchy structured for better visibility for Organic SEO.

With regards to SEM strategy, I reviewed and implemented better strategy for higher visibility. I have made sure the use of Ad Extensions and targeted higher Quality Scores.