Keyword Research SEO Agency

Low organic traffic and no conversions?

At WP Guru, keyword research is a critical part of SEO Agency Services and we take pride in running sophisticated, result orientated keyword research. We have helped rank several local businesses and generate organic traffic and leads for their businesses.

Keyword research for organic SEO domination

We run an extensive, research oriented keyword research process. Our keyword research goes through several robust phases so that we can deliver top notch SEO services for your business.

    FAQS about Keyword Research

    1. What is keyword research?

      Keyword research is the process of finding and targeting keywords, for ranking websites in organic SEO. It can involve several strategies such as using tools like Keyword planner, competitor analysis, user intent etc.

    2. Is keyword research the same as SEO?

      Keyword research is part of the overall SEO process. As an SEO agency offering SEO Services, WP Guru’s core competency and advantage lie in keyword research.