PSD to WordPress Conversion

Not only I convert your PSD to Pixel Perfect WordPress conversion, i make sure your website is optimised for mobile, speed and SEO. I am highly rated WordPress Developer, and I have proven record of creating easy to use CMS, helping clients rank higher in SEO, and building secured website so that you can have peace of mind.


PSD to WordPress Conversion - Why choose me?

Not only I build pixel perfect website as per your design, my PSD to WordPress conversions is feature rich.

    PSD to WordPress Conversion FAQs

    Below are some of the most asked question about PSD to WordPress conversions.

    1. Below are some of the most asked question about PSD to WordPress conversions. Why choose you for PSD to WordPress?

      I got more than 5 Years of local experience working for agency and corporate. I take pride in the quality of my work. I build from custom without using any premium themes and websites I built are fast, secured and optimised for SEO for higher ranking.

    2. What’s your timeframe for PSD to WordPress conversion?

      On average my timeframe for conversion is around 4 weeks. That said – conversion time depends upon the complexity of the projects. As I work on custom theme development, I prefer to have a reasonable deadline. I put quality over quantity when I work on freelance projects.

    3. How much do you charge for PSD to WordPress Conversion?

      This again depends upon the complexity of the project. But I do work on a ballpark figure for any project. My minimum ballpark for any project at the moment is 1500 AUD.

    4. Do you outsource PSD to WordPress work?

      No, I don’t. I don’t outsource any project. I work from scratch without using any premium theme. That’s the main reason my websites are quiet fast, stable, secure and do pretty well in organic SEO.

    5. Do you provide on-going maintenance?

      Yes, I do provide on-going support and maintenance for the projects that I build. This includes backing up website, updating WordPress core and plugins, and making sure the website is running smoothly post updates.

    6. Do you provide White Label PSD to WordPress Services?

      Yes, I do. I have no problem working in White Label projects. I have worked with various agencies before.