Finding Offshore Developer Roles

As a Sydney-based WordPress Developer, I occasionally take on freelance jobs. Through my experience, I have gained valuable insights into the local market, particularly regarding small to medium-sized businesses and agencies in Sydney. In this article, I aim to provide helpful tips on how offshore WordPress developers, who are not based in Sydney, can find job opportunities.

Offshore developer roles

As a Sydney-based WordPress Developer, I occasionally take on freelance jobs. Through my experience, I have gained valuable insights into the local market, particularly regarding small to medium-sized businesses and agencies in Sydney. In this article, I aim to provide helpful tips on how offshore WordPress developers, who are not based in Sydney, can find job opportunities.

Current market of WordPress in Sydney

The demand for WordPress developers in Sydney is robust, with clients seeking a range of websites, from simple brochure website design to complex projects. Clients often have preferences regarding working with freelancers or agencies, based on their specific needs and budgetary considerations.

I will be focusing this article on agencies as they present a better option for offshore developers. When it comes to finding opportunities as an offshore WordPress developer, agencies can be a fruitful avenue to explore. These organisations often have a steady stream of projects and clients, making them more open to outsourcing and working with developers from different locations. By targeting agencies, you can tap into a network of potential clients and projects that align with your skills and expertise.

When it comes to agencies, there is a tendency to outsource projects, particularly when budgets are tight and cost-cutting measures are necessary. As an offshore developer, this presents an opportunity for you to secure roles as a freelancer or short-term contractor. If you have a strong and impressive portfolio as a WordPress Developer, you stand a good chance of landing these roles. Additionally, depending on the agency and their requirements, there may even be possibilities for full-time positions.

In general, the market for offshore developers with a solid skill set is favourable. By demonstrating your expertise and showcasing your abilities, you can tap into the opportunities available in the Sydney market.

Why do agencies outsource?

Agencies often choose to outsource projects due to cost-cutting considerations. They aim to retain their existing clients and avoid the risk of those clients exploring other agencies for their website development needs. In some cases, agencies may handle projects for existing clients with limited budgets or as favours. Rather than utilising their senior developers and accepting a reduction in income, they opt to outsource the work.

Additionally, there are agencies that successfully operate within tight budgets by smartly managing their resources and outsourcing aspects of their projects. This approach allows them to maintain profitability while still meeting client requirements. This situation typically arises when clients have limited budgets or relatively modest expectations for their projects.

By understanding agencies' motivations for outsourcing and their budgetary constraints, offshore developers can position themselves to provide cost-effective solutions and leverage the opportunities available in the market.

Most sought out skills for WordPress Developer

When agencies consider outsourcing jobs, they typically look for specific skills that are crucial to their projects. Some of the key skills agencies often seek in offshore developers include:

Speed Optimisation:
Speed optimisation is highly sought after in the field of website development. This is particularly crucial when working with websites built on bloated premium themes or hosted on slow servers. If you possess strong skills in website optimisation, you will be a valuable freelancer for agencies and website owners alike. Regardless of how a website is built, every owner and agency desires a faster website that loads quickly and provides an optimal user experience.

Web Vitals
Similar to website speed, achieving high scores in web vitals is a priority for all website owners and agencies. It is surprising how knowledgeable people are about web vitals and the importance of optimising them. If you can work your magic and improve web vitals scores, it will give you a significant advantage in the market.

SEO Optimisation
Just like speed optimisation and web vitals, agencies and website owners are eager to rank their websites in search engines, particularly Google. Even with a basic understanding of SEO, you will have a competitive advantage and attract clients who are seeking improved search engine rankings for their websites.

Elementor is the most widely used content builder for WordPress, and its popularity continues to grow. It is used by businesses of all sizes, from small-scale enterprises to corporate entities. Mastering Elementor increases your chances of securing roles with agencies, as there is high demand for expertise in this powerful tool.

Custom Theme Development
Outsourcing extends beyond theme-based or builder-based projects; custom-built themes are also commonly outsourced. One popular plugin for custom WordPress development is ACF Pro. If you have experience working with ACF Pro or possess expertise in this plugin, it will give you a competitive advantage in securing projects.

Custom Plugin Development
Similarly, custom plugin development is often outsourced, and there is a demand for fixing bugs in existing plugins. If your expertise lies in custom plugin development, you will have opportunities to land contracts or ad hoc jobs with ease.
By focusing on these skills, such as speed optimization, web vitals, SEO optimization, Elementor, custom theme development, and custom plugin development, you will position yourself as a highly sought-after offshore developer. Your expertise in these areas will open doors to a wide range of projects and enable you to thrive in the competitive WordPress development market.

How to find freelancing roles

Now, let's explore some websites where you can find remote WordPress roles:

Indeed AU:
Indeed AU is a valuable platform that features numerous WordPress Developer roles, including remote positions. The platform offers helpful filtering functionalities that allow you to refine your search based on specific criteria. By conducting a search for remote roles and setting desired salary ranges, you can discover companies actively seeking remote developers. In cases where a job posting does not explicitly state a preference for local developers, there is a good chance that the company is open to hiring offshore developers.

Similar to Indeed, LinkedIn also provides opportunities to find remote WordPress Developer roles. In my experience, roles listed on LinkedIn as remote typically indicate that the company is open to considering offshore developers, unless otherwise specified as exclusively seeking local talent. Therefore, exploring remote roles on LinkedIn can be a fruitful avenue for offshore developers looking for opportunities.

Agency/Company Websites:
In addition to popular job boards, many agencies and companies prefer to list their job openings directly on their websites. By visiting the websites of WordPress development agencies or companies that interest you, you can access their dedicated career pages to explore remote job opportunities. This provides an additional avenue to find remote roles and potentially connect with companies directly.

Utilising these resources, such as Indeed AU, LinkedIn, and agency/company websites, will significantly enhance your chances of finding remote WordPress Developer roles. Remember to leverage the filtering options, actively search for remote positions, and thoroughly review job descriptions to determine if they are open to offshore developers.

Personal opinions and conclusion

Over the past few years, it's important to acknowledge that while there has been a high demand for WordPress jobs on a contract or project basis, cost-cutting has become a significant consideration for website owners and agencies. Both parties are seeking ways to reduce expenses, which has led to an increased openness to outsourcing or hiring offshore developers, provided they possess the required qualifications. This presents a favorable opportunity for individuals seeking roles from offshore locations.

When pursuing these opportunities, it is crucial to engage in appropriate negotiation practices based on your skill sets. Highlight your expertise, demonstrate the value you bring to the table, and articulate how your offshore status can contribute to cost savings without compromising quality or efficiency. By effectively negotiating and positioning yourself as a skilled and cost-effective solution, you can increase your chances of securing roles in the competitive WordPress job market.

Remember to emphasise the unique advantages you offer as an offshore developer, such as competitive rates, flexible availability, and a diverse perspective. Additionally, showcase your portfolio, highlight successful projects, and provide references or testimonials that validate your abilities. By demonstrating your value proposition and negotiating with confidence, you can navigate the market effectively and secure rewarding WordPress roles while meeting the cost-saving objectives of website owners and agencies.

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