Email Marketing Services Sydney

Boost your campaigns with optimized, targeted and personalized email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that uses Email to communicate with targeted audiences.

Email marketing serves both as direct marketing or digital marketing channels. It’s well researched that Email marketing is low cost and high return. So are you doing Email Marketing right?

Email Marketing Platforms Expertise for your needs

At WP Guru, we are experts of Email Marketing and understand the value of good email design, tone of voice and have experience working in several platforms such as Oracle Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp.

Why choose WP Guru for your Email Marketing

If you are looking for a cost effective partner, and yet a highly experienced developer who knows email marketing inside out, WP Guru is your go to marketing partner. I have successfully driven marketing campaigns increasing 5 folds in click through rates and conversion for well known brands in Australia.

Well researched data driven Email Design

Well researched data driven Email Design

I have redesigned and developed Email templates for various companies including big ecommerce brands, mortgage brokers and loyalty brands by increasing click through and conversion rates as high as 5 times.

The common denominator in all these successful campaigns were well researched data driven email design. Successful email campaigns start with a well thought out process of designing email templates, and this is something I am really good at.

Light weight mobile friendly code supporting dark mode

Light weight mobile friendly code supporting dark mode

Do you know one of the crucial factors for successful email sent rate is the size of email templates?

I have been part of several teams where success rates have been as high as 99.% or above. If you are looking for high quality templates with highest Return of investment (ROI), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Fully tested reusable blocks for various marketing platforms

Fully tested reusable blocks for various marketing platforms

Almost every email marketing platform supports customizable or editable templates.

Whether it is blocks for Salesforce, modules for Resposnys or editable templates for MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, I can cater for your specific needs. And to top it up, all the templates are well tested for various clients and operating systems. Did I forget to mention that I can customize and support dark modes if needed?

    Email Marketing FAQs

    Here are some of the most asked questions about Email Marketing.

    1. Is Email Marketing still worth it?

      Yes. Email marketing is by far the cheapest and highly converting form of marketing (direct and digital marketing). Email marketing can be used for several business purposes such as sales, traffic generation, lead acquisition, customer awareness. A good email marketing strategy can be highly targeted, customized and personalized which is the main core of marketing and conversion for any business.

    2. What has been your best Email marketing campaign?

      My best email marketing campaign was for a local pet supplier company here in Sydney that included email template development and personalization. Post launch, we saw the growth in traffic and CTR (click through rate) by over 50%.

    3. How much does it cost to run Email marketing campaigns?

      Cost for email marketing varies. Considering you have email template, content and subscriber ready, one of the most reasonable ways to start will be either Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. If you are looking to integrate CRM(Customer Relationship Management), there are several options such as Salesforce, Responsys, Braze etc which are a bit costly but good value for money.